Studio Equipment

Training on Pilates Equipment

Classical Pilates Training in Friedrichshain: Pilates Reformer and Studio Equipment in the tradition of Joseph Pilates. Individual or as pair for an effective workout tailored to your own needs!

Joseph Pilates designed specialised equipment that at the same time supports and strengthens the body. The traditional programme comprises over 500 exercises: Pilates on equipment is an adventure in bodily movement! The Reformer is a much loved and many faceted apparatus. Those who are curious can begin Pilates Training on the Reformer without any previous knowledge.


Private Training on the Reformer

Those who prefer a completely individual and concentrated training which is tailored to individual needs and body condition can decide for an individual training. The Pilates method can help with chronic pain and weakness of posture and is often recommended as supplementary Training for physiotherapy, medical or osteopathic treatment.

Duo (as pair) on the mat with small props

Pilates is fun, especially as two! You and your friend have a common goal? Are you preparing yourselves for the next marathon run and you need some extra training? You want to motivate each other and purposefully get fit together. Or do you want to finally do something for your posture and get rid of back pains? Then a Duo training on the mat with small training equipment is just the right thing.


Training Languages: German/ English / Italian.