We hope we will be able to return with you soon to the wonderful Kaju Green in Sri Lanka.

We will keep you posted about our next lush and tropical retreats.
To help you dream, envision and manifest here is some information and some pictures from our last amazing retreat in Sri Lanka.

Kaju Green

We will stay at Kaju Green, a stunning and stylish eco-lodge, set on an exclusive and private island adjacent to the Sri Lankan Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary Eluwila, surrounded by tropical vegetation, crystal clear rivers and canals.

Kaju Green was born out of desire for simple, quality design which maximises natural light, airflow and lush landscapes.

Pilates & Yoga

Leave the cold European weather for an exotic haven where you will unwind and relax naturally as your body absorbs the energy of the lavish green landscape.

Wake up in the morning with an energising Pilates session immersed in the lush coconut plantation surrounding our eco-lodge.

Slow down your mind and relax your body with an evening class combining the best of yoga and pilates.


Let nature feed your senses: Kaju is the local Sinhalese name for the ancient cashew tree symbol of the island and it is widely used in Sinhalese cuisine.

Not only will you let your senses tingle with tasty and healthy vegetarian dishes, prepared with locally sourced ingredients, you will also take part in a cooking course where you will be the creator of a truly authentic Sinhalese tastebudexperience!


There is plenty of time to explore the magical surroundings of this island, to enjoy a walk to the nearby soft sandy beaches or to discover lavish and pure nature by bike.

Challenge yourself and your balance with a stand up paddling trip on the aquamarine waters of the surrounding rivers or treat yourself to an ayurveda massage in the peaceful and stylish spa at the resort.