Group Classes

Green Studio offers a variety of trainings in smaller groups both on the mat and on tower units.​

More energy

Expect a dynamic, challenging and fun workout.


All classes are taught by international trainers qualified in the traditional pilates method developed by Joseph H. Pilates.

For everyone

Classes are in English and German (please see our schedule).

Your favourite

The classes range from a classical approach to a more flowing contemporary take, with or without props.


Matwork classes have a max of 15 participants of different levels and can encompass the use of props like pilates soft balls or magic circles. Matwork classes are the foundation of pilates.
Here you will learn the principles and fundamentals:

If you are new to pilates we highly recommend to join at least 5/10 matwork classes before moving to tower training. It’s similar to learning a new language: first learn the grammar, then write poetry!


Tower classes are a favourite choice for their challenging and fun nature. With a max of 11 participants you’ll learn to use pilates equipment in a safe and focused environment.

The different springs offer an intense resistance training for arms and legs, whilst engaging your core to a deeper level. The push through bar and roll back bar are invaluable tools to help you lift, stretch, twist and mobilise your spine, gaining at the same time more flexibility in the whole body.

Matwork and Tower are complementary trainings: we highly recommend learning from both!

Choose your plan

Try out different classes and see what training resonates better with you.

Online Schedule

We have a flexible online schedule: here you can manage your bookings, add or change your classes (at least 24h in advance). With your account you can also manage your schedule, buy new credits and check your past and future bookings.

Group or Individual?

Group classes are suitable for students with a good level of fitness. If you have any special requirements we recommend an individual session to address your health issues before joining a group class.