An effective training method tailored to your own needs!

Joseph Pilates designed specialised equipment which at the same time supports and strengthens the body. The traditional program comprises over 500 exercises: Pilates on equipment is an adventure in bodily movement!

Our studio is fully equipped with the highest quality pilates equipment:

One Reformer

Ten Tower Units

Three Chairs



This is the favorite training choice for many of our clients, who prefer a completely private and focused training tailored to their individual needs and body condition. 

You might want to get back in shape or get rid of long-term back pain or work on your alignment. Or maybe you just love pilates and want to learn more and get better. Whatever your wish is, we’ll support you 100% in your journey!


Pilates is fun, especially together!
Do you and your friend or partner have a common goal?

Then a Duo Training on our pilates equipment (Chairs, Tower Units and Small Barrels) is just the right thing!