1. How to book

  • Go to Course Plan
  • Scroll down to ‘Sign In’ > Create a ‘New user Account’
  • Click on the class of your choice and ‘buy credits’
  • Buy a Trial Group Training for 14 €
  • Click on your class and ‘create booking’
  • Bring your own mat (or rent one at the studio for 2 €)

2. Booking system

  • Cancellation policy: max. 24h in advance
  • Booking policy: max. 2h before class
  • How to cancel a booking: click on your booking > on the icon ‘pen & paper’ next to your email > confirm your cancellation. 
  • Under ‘Settings’ you’ll find your remaining credits.
  • Classes with less than 3 students will be cancelled. Check your email 1 hour before class to avoid inconveniences.
  • Here to buy a card / credits