Semi-private training on pilates chair

A trio is a semi-private class with max. 3 clients on pilates equipment. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn and train in an individual setting under full professional pilates guidance from our senior teachers.



Semi-private training on chair for only 29,- € 
(regular price 39,- €).

Joseph Pilates disegned his first Wunda Chair (wunderbar!) envisioning a pilates chair in each single household for a quick workout! Our Balanced Body Exo Chairs are challenging and varied Pilates equipment. A Trio on Chair is the ideal training for new students, for clients with alignement issues and those who want to improve their technique and further their pilates experience.

Bonus! If you happen to be the only client registered for your class you‘ll enjoy a full private one-on-one pilates session on the equipment of your choice – yes, reformer included!


Are you new?

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What is a pilates chair?

Our Balanced Body Exo Chairs are wonderful Pilates equipment. Challenging and varied – that’s how you can describe the chair.

The variety of exercises with this device is almost limitless. The Pilates exercises can be performed sitting, lying and standing, in front of, behind or on the device.

Please be aware that this training is not suitable for clients with special requirements, injuries or acute pain.


Stretching and strengthening at the same time

On our new EXO Chair stretching and balance with core stabilization are at the forefront of your Pilates training. Training on this Pilates machine is very special: a complete full-body exercise program is possible.

Particularly fascinating: in many exercises on the chair there is space for only a small part of the body, which virtually guarantees a comprehensive effort for the deep muscles.

Arms and legs too!

Our EXO Chair is an excellent Pilates equipment for all types of leg training. The seated exercises stabilize the core and make Pilates training easier to perform for all levels.You can also perform a targeted workout for the back leg muscles (hamstrings) particularly well.
You can make arm training on the EXO Chair both fun and challenging. The pedals give you stability while you perform this Pilates exercise in a standing position. They also provide a challenge when you perform the exercises in a prone position.